Tutorial 1 Group 10

Name: Jeff Lo (g2-7298)
Background: I am a student in Department of Computing in PolyU.

I always find information in wiki, it is very convenience.
I did not have any experience to use wiki spaces.
In future, i will use it to do assignment.

Thank Renita to correct my mistake.

Name: Ken Lok (g2-4060)
Background: I am a part time student in Department of Computing in PolyU.

1) I am using the wiki to search IT technology every days. It's help me to find the information quickly and smoothly.
2) I haven't any experience which like wiki. I just using the search engine to find the information before.
3) I think wiki can make me easy to discuss and share

Update : 5 Oct 2009

Name: Chi (g2-2397)
Background: I am a year 3 student of Computing in PolyU. I like eat and sleep.

1. I'm the first time to use Wiki. I haven't find
2. I haven't any experience about using tool like Wiki.
3. I can use Wiki to share my option. But I think this is not very convenience. Everyone can remove other people text.