Group 11

51 LOO Ka Hing
52 MA Ping Kin
53 MA Pui Lee
54 MOK Pui Sun
55 MOK Pui Yi

Background: We are the student in Department of Computing in PolyU

1. It’s fantastic.
2. No.

3. The overwrite funtion is poweful.

Hello! Kwai ... you overwrite my message before...

I haven't use the wikibooks before and I think it can help me to learn more knowledge on it.

Name : Mok Pui Sun
Nickname : Sun
Background : I am one of the students in COMP325, my job is a programmer in one business firm

This tool's look & feel is good, I think the system may ease of use
This is my first time to learn how to use wikispace
I think the tools can give me an chance to learn more from other classmates


Name: Hing
Background: I am a student in Department of Computing in PolyU and work at retail shop.
I like wiki. I can find much information on it.
I just only view the wiki and never add or modify it before.
The wiki can make people working together online.

Name: Judy Mok
I am a yr3 student in department of Computing in PolyU
Q1: I have no experience in wikibook.
Q2: No
Q3: Easy to share information