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hi everyone!

Group Member
CHEUNG Shiu Fung
CHU Wing Kwan
CHUI Lok Sun

Name: Cheng Hoi Ki, Cat (No.11)
Background: I am IT Assistant in Department of IT in Hosiptal Authority

Q1: What is your experience with wiki? How do you like it?
A1: I am using the wiki function in Microsoft Sharepoint 2007. It is quite user friendly.

Q2: Have you had any previous experience like wiki?
A2: Using wiki web part of Microsoft Sharepoint 2007

Q3: What are the useful functions/features to you?
A3: built-in short cut function, can edit by using HTML

Name: Chui Lok Sun, Donald
Background: I am a Technical Officer in HKSPM

1. What is your experience with Wiki? How do you like it?
I don't know what is the Wikispace before.

2. Have you had any previous experience like Wiki?
MSN is the same thing of Wiki?

3. What are the useful functions/features to you?
The function of Wiki is very general.

what is "MS Sharepoint 2007"?

only two people here?

Dear all, I am CHU Wing Kwan, people who know me called me Kwan. I am a labour responsible for peace in office space and good mood of my senior. I am a flexible & self-proclaimed easy going person, nice to meet you.

I feel the pages can use some organization; and layout to be re-arranged/enhanced for better presentation, for instance, The wiki page tabs' white text on yellow background can use some color fix IMHO. Other than that, the experience has been overall amazing. All and all, wiki is mainly for relay of information, so far all of the pages in the wiki are rendered nicely on my screen, page creation and editing are working properly too.

I have used wikipedia for work and homeworks. It is a good place to look up information, but I am not quite embrace the idea of collaborative editing, concerning validity of information. Indeed this is my first time editing a wiki page, maybe I will love it when I am more familiar with it. On the other hand, I also came across websites served as a wiki but does not welcome community editing or have a restricted/tedious procedure for authenticated editing, and in turns, defeat the intentions of wiki.

Looking at the individual component wiki provided, there is just no new or unique feature whatsoever, until maybe when realtime collaborative editing is practically available. For me, wiki's information sharing concept is what makes it useful and popular, take our comp325wikibook, through it we can obtain useful information from tutors or classmates to aid our study, this is useful for me.